Batweek 2010

You might remember Batweek that took place last year on your favorite gaming site Platform Nation.  Well we are proud to say that Batweek 2010 is set to kick off again this year starting August 23rd and run until August 29th.  Batweek 2010 is looking like the place for all your Batman news from Character of the Week to Batman trivia.  So if you think you know Batman be sure to check out Platform Nation’s Batweek 2010 and test you Batman wit against some of the finest and also see what they have to say about your favorite superhero and remember “Better three hours to soon than a minute late”.  If you recognize that quote we now know you are a Batman fan so stay tuned here at Platform Nation for further developments and see what the writers at Platform Nation have planned for the week.  I peeked into the Batweek Command Center and there is some exciting things headed our way.

“Fore-warned is fore-armed.”

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  • Brian Heitzenrater (FrehleyzComet)

    I will be unveiling a teaser start to Batweek 2010 with part 1 of the Character Vs. Character Battle. This will take place tomorrow night, so be on the watch for the Bat Signal my fellow P*N readers!