Gears Of War Labor Day Weekend XP Event!

Gears fans, it’s time to show your loyalty and become a Fan of Gears of War’s official Facebook page. Why do you ask? Well let me tell you. If you become a Fan of Gears on Facebook, it will help increase the XP multiplier for the Labor Day Weekend. For every 1000 fans on Facebook, it will increase the XP multiplier by 1. This comes straight from Rod Fergusson (Executive Producer for the Gears of War franchise) on Twitter. If you don’t already follow Rod, you should. His Twitter account is @GearsViking.

Rod did another Gears XP publicity stunt recently on Twitter. If you remember (or even if you don’t), for every 1000 followers of his @GearsViking account, he upped the multiplier by 1. Epic eventually capped it out at 20 times XP. The question this time is will 20 be the cap or will we see it go even higher?

The last time this happened, Horde mode was riddled with the Boomer family. Epic has also given us other fun surprises in the past during these XP events. We’ve seen waves of Tickers and even a mess of Sires during wave 10. Man, that was Chainsawtastic! What sort of goodies does Epic have up their sleeves for this event weekend? Only time will tell.

See you on the battlefield! Gears, Dismissed!!

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  • cool, another opportunity to grind out a few more rank levels. I love how Epic are keeping players interest after all this time. Gears2 remains one of my favourite titles of this generation.

  • Snow 0770

    Can’t wait

  • james flowers

    gears of war 3 is goin to be one of the best games in 2011.I only hope that since halo did a limited edition console, epic will release a gears console for the fans n followers!! i love youu epic n cliffy

    • Kevin

      I know. I can’t wait for Gears3..

  • Punisher

    Bring it on…. Gears Rules

  • I don’t care how much XP I will get. It’s not Gears of War 3. The online rank won’t carry across to GoW3. No thanks. I’ll stick to something that’s worth spending time on 🙂

  • Chelsee

    Is Labor Day Weekend going to be starting that Friday the 3rd or the weekend following Labor Day on Friday the 10th?

  • isa_gow

    One year ago, they rolled my rank back to 1, today I’m 92, this weekend I’ll get my real rank. Goof luck to everyone and enjoy this weekend