Character Vs. Character: Batman Vs. Jigsaw

Batman is in for some tough times ahead when he confronts the mastermind of Jigsaw. Who will come out on top of this battle? Read on to find out. This is just an appetizer for what is in store for Batweek 2010 next week. Enjoy the story and enjoy Batweek 2010!


Batman: Batman is one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) superheroes known to mankind. I don’t think I really need to go into this too much as I’m sure you already know about the Dark Knight. If not, browse through the upcoming articles next week during Platform Nation’s Batweek 2010 and find out everything there is to know about the Caped Crusader!

Jigsaw: Jigsaw’s real name is John Kramer. John was an average fellow like the rest of us. He had a decent job and a pretty wife. All good things must come to an end though and they did for John. He tried to commit suicide after finding out he had an inoperable brain tumor that had developed from his bout with colon cancer. He failed with his suicide attempt but came out of the experience with a new found respect for his own life. From that day on, John decided to put others through deadly trials to see if they respected their own lives. This tested their will to live through self-sacrifice. John got his “Jigsaw” name from his practice of carving a puzzle piece out of the flesh of the people who failed their trials. He has put many people to the test and very few have survived. Will Batman be put to the test as well? If so, will he survive?


Batman: There are three things you need to know about Batman’s powers:

  1. Batman is physically fit and he is well trained in many hand to hand combat fighting styles.
  2. Batman is extremely intelligent. He has one of the greatest crime solving minds in the world.
  3. Batman has access to a crap ton of money which enables him to have the latest hi-tech gear available for crime-fighting.

Jigsaw: Jigsaw is just as intelligent as Batman plus he has a lot of time to plan out his salvation trials.


Bruce Wayne sat down to the dining room table and unfolded the newspaper. He was greeted with the headline “Jigsaw Strikes Again”. The article continued with, “Gotham City Police have just found a forth victim of the mysterious Jigsaw murders that have swept across the city. GCPD are dumbfounded as to who the Jigsaw Murderer is. No information is left at the crime scenes except for a jigsaw piece cut from the flesh of each victim’s body…” He continued to read through the article until a voice called out from behind him, “Master Bruce?”

He turned around to see Alfred standing in the doorway. “Yes Alfred?”

“A package has arrived for you sir…”

“What’s wrong Alfred?”

“It is addressed to Batman, sir,” Alfred said and handed the plain brown package to Bruce.

“This can’t be good. Let’s go to the Batcave to analyze it before we open it.”

Bruce and Alfred worked their way through the secret doors and passages in Wayne Manor to find themselves in the coveted Batcave. They walked over to the X-ray scanner and took a look inside the package. All they saw was a personal tape recorder.

“It looks clean of explosives, sir. Shall I put it through the poisonous gas detector?”

“No. That’s ok Alfred. We can just wear these.”

Bruce grabs two gas masks and hands one to Alfred. They both slip them on. Alfred takes a step back while Bruce moves forward to the package. He takes precaution as he opens it up. Nothing happens and they both let out a sigh of relief. Bruce picks up the recorder and hits “play”.

“Hello Batman, let’s play a game. Everybody has their dirty little secrets. Their little lies that they spread, yet you claim to be a savior of these very same people of Gotham City. Well I know your secret Batman. I know who you really are, Bruce. If you want to keep your lie a secret, you will go to the abandoned dynamite factory near Gotham Light & Power. You had better hurry, Batman. The game has now begun…”

“Master Bruce! What is this all about? Who is that?”

“I think I already know Alfred.” said Bruce as he flashed back to the paper’s headline.

Minutes later, Batman rolls up to the abandoned dynamite factory as he was instructed. He notices there is a door with a light on and suspects that is his invitation inside. The Batmobile comes to a halt and Batman jumps out. He walks to the door with his guard on the alert. Once inside, he spots a large arrow painted on the floor that is pointing down a long hallway to the right of the entrance. Batman turns and walks down the hall. He comes to a door at the end of the hall that has an “x” painted on it. He puts his ear up and listens for any kind of noise, but comes up with nothing. Batman slowly opens the door and is greeted to a pitch black room. He switches on his night vision and proceeds into the room, scanning the area as he walks. In the middle of the room is a small wooden table with an old tv setting on it.

SLAM! The door shuts behind Batman and the lights flash on. He quickly turns off his night vision and closes his eyes in pain as he recovers from the blinding light. The tv kicks on to a static hiss and a fuzzy screen. Batman’s eyesight recovers just in time to see a little white faced puppet in a black suit riding a tricycle onto the screen.

The puppet turns to look at Batman and says, “Hello Batman. Here is a test of your true resolve. Would you sacrifice your identity to save the life of another person? What if this person were a liar and a cheat, would you still save his life? This man owns a successful business in Gotham City but he swindles money from it for his own personal pleasures. He uses the stolen money to buy presents for his mistress. Yes, this man also cheats on his wife. Is his life worth saving over keeping your identity a secret? Is his life worth saving over your own? If you look to your left, You will see this man in a rather precarious predicament.”

Batman glances to the left as the lights in an adjacent room come on, revealing a door and a big picture window. On the other side of the window is an older gentlemen gagged and strapped to a steel table. He is in a pair of checkered boxers and nothing else. Batman takes note of the fear in the man’s eyes and the wet stains in his boxers, then notices why. Above the man is a giant slab of iron the size of a car.

“Batman, there is a timer with a relay linked to a satellite that will jam the signals of the Gotham City Network Station, which will in turn, broadcast a statement declaring your true identity. The only way to stop this is by exiting through this door which will break the relay. You can only choose one door, Batman. Which will it be? You have 1 minute to decide your fate starting….Now!”

Which door will Batman choose? Will he save the man’s life even though he is a criminal and a sinner? Or will Batman keep his identity safe so he can go on protecting the rest of the citizens of Gotham City? Only time will tell. Check back next week to find out Batman’s fate! Same Bat-Time. Same Bat-Channel!

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