Platform Nation’s Lock and Load – Episode 28

Welcome to this weeks episode of Platform Nation’s Lock and Load, your weekly official P*N Video Game Podcast.

This weeks hosts are, Steven Artlip (Steve519), Scott diMonda (WCC5723) and Mark Rea (A Dark Knight 2).

Our primary objective this week:
Smackdown vs Raw 2011 Community Event

Our rapid fire topics this week are:
Gears Of War Labor Day Weekend XP Event!, by Brian Heitenrater
One Last Chance For Red Dead Cheaters, by Jake Pearce
Sony Increasing Hard Drive Size On PlayStation 3, by Tym Kaywork
Realtime Worlds Enters Administration, by Stewart Loosemore
Mass Effect 2 Coming To PlayStation 3, by Patrick Cavasar
Windows Phone 7 Brings The Games, by Rane Pollock
Nintendo Gives Us Dates!, by Andrew Badger
P*N Community Playdate Highlights – Crackdown 2, by Andrew Hunt
Stir: Cosplay, by Chris Forbis
Deadly Premonition Foreseen For Brits But Not For Aussies, by Ben Griffiths

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  • Still some audio drops there guys other than that, AWESOME show. Also Mark, 170 hours? That’s nothing! Try 388 hours….(sadface)

  • The drops seem to be correlated with when Steve isn’t talking – is he the one recording? If so, stop loading porn while Scott’s rapid firing.. it’s hurting the audio


    Great show guys.

  • Jason Large (BeaArthur)

    Hey guys, audio drops are back again this week. Ironically as soon as Steve was starting to talk about how you guys think you found what the problem was and fixed it, it dropped. What do you guys think of the new Bioware form of DLC? I personally am not a fan of getting nickle and dimed every other month, I would rather pay for all the DLC at one time. This is especially annoying for Mass Effect 2 because I have already finished the campaign twice and it is still getting DLC that I feel pertains to the story and thus should be done during a play through. I find that it takes me out of the experience if I go back and do the DLC after I have beaten the game. It’s nice that they are continuing to support the game with fun missions but I just wish it was DLC that was intended to be done after the game was over. What’s your take on it?

  • I hung in there despite the audio issues. I have to say Scott is such a great guy. The guy sounds genuine, sincere and approachable.

    The host combination is very nice with Lock and Load. Mark is the talker, he actually talks too much, but never with any non-sense, he comes up with great questions and topics that get the listeners involved. Steve is same old Steve, working on P*N stuff typing away in the background while Mark or Scott give their stories, but it’s interesting to hear what he has to say when he is involved.

    Fix those audio issues.

  • Hey guys, just wanted to take a minute to say thanks to all the listeners and readers for the massages of support. They really did help and meant so much.