PS3 Has Finally Been Modded

It was a matter of time. Consoles like the GameCube gave a brave fight against piracy but in the end its incorruptible status lost to the stubbornness of the hackers.

Earlier today, these guys announced a USB dongle that would allow people to backup and play games on their PS3s by just plugging the device, without the need of blank blu-ray discs and burners, and without risking the validity of the warranty seal.

It seems like a good deal (if you’re into piracy and homebrew), but using the device is still illegal, as it uses components from the original Sony SDK which is not open for public (specially not the psjailbreak developers) and its licenses doesn’t allow sharing. In addition, the file formats supported is quite limited, so making a backup of some games with a weight higher than 4GB will be a pain in the ass. Also, a $170 price tag seems like a little too much.

In the end, it’s up to you to take the risk of buying the dongle, but supporting in an honest way the industry we all love is the right path to take.

Here’s a video that shows the dongle in action.

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  • Alnilam

    I would be interested if it allowed you to run Linux again, while being able to keep your PS3 updated to the latest firmware.

    I don’t care about pirating games (although I can see the usefulness of being able to make back-ups if you have kids)

  • Mitchy403

    You will be able to have linux again eventually because it loads a firmware from the drive =) firmware replace anyone =)

  • Mazenov

    I know this seems like meta-stealing, but is someone going to figure out a way to get the software the dongle runs without actually paying

    I figure if they’re ripping off Sony we can rip them off

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