The Wii Is Getting A “Legacy” Title Now?

People maybe asking for a harder, better, faster, stronger Wii, however it appears Nintendo maybe thinking differently. While it’s nothing official and might not seem like a legit source, the guys at Cheap Arse Gamer leaked the US Black Wii release, which was later to be revealed as correct. This time though, the bargain-hunters have stumbled upon a “Legacy” Nintendo Wii that is believed to be a bog standard iteration of the console featuring just the system itself with Wii Sports, no peripherals, no perks, or palette variation, it’s more or less what the Wii was like at launch.

It seems like a cheap move to me, well, that’s because it is, as it costs a measly $149.99 (about £100). If it’s true, I predict a platoon of deals will follow it as well, the one shown in the source boasts about saving £20 when you buy two of four games (Super Mario Galaxy, Lego Harry Potter, Toy Story 3 and Just Dance). To me, it seems likely too, a cheaper Wii might tantalise the few people that are drooling over PlayStation Move and Kinect around winter, especially since they’re around the same price and you’re getting a console along with a controller, not just one of each. I’d imagine Nintendo must be struggling a little bit more selling Wiis now, more than a handful of people already have one, or at least, have had one in the past, in addition to Sony and Microsoft jumping on the moving bandwagon. There are several reasons to why Nintendo could be doing this; is Nintendo just getting rid of old stock? Is this their competitor in the Christmas race? Or are they making way for something new? We’ll have to wait and see, I guess.

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