Unsung Heroes – Vol. 6

T.G.I.F. and welcome to another edition of Platform Nation’s Unsung Heroes Of Video Games. In Unsung, we pay tribute to all of the behind the scenes people and things that make our video games an enjoyable experience. Our games would totally suck if it weren’t for these heroes. Let’s tip our hats to this week’s Unsung Hero, the Caddies. They are a great asset to have following you around the battlefield. They risk their lives to help you out during all of those rounds of Capture the Flag, Rush, Horde, Slayer, Deathmatch, etc..

Now you’re probably wondering why a Caddy? We’re not playing golf! We’re killing people and blowing S@#% up! Well, let me explain. The Caddies can do more than just lug some smelly golf bag around. One of their primary functions is to pick up unused ammo for you. Oh come on now, how else do you think you get the ammo from a dead body? This isn’t make believe. This is war and you can’t pick up ammo just by stepping on it. That’s what your Caddy is for. He/she gathers up all the munitions for you so you can keep on the watch for the enemy. They will even trade out your weapon for a new one that you might find just lying around on the ground. They are very useful to have around.

Another handy skill these brave men and women have is reloading your ammo clips. Again, this isn’t something that just happens. It isn’t done by magic (this is an FPS not an RPG, duh). Somebody needs to refill these clips and that somebody is our trusty Caddy. Now, I know you do it and so do I, we constantly reload our weapons with a new clip even if the one in our weapon isn’t empty. Well we’re not going to just toss that unused ammo away. Hell no! We hand the clip off to our Caddy and they fill it back up. It’s that simple.

Well, there you have it. The mystery to the self-filling clip is solved and credit has been given. Next time you are pinned down in a firefight and you need a new ammo clip, or you find a sweet new rifle with some ammo laying next to a dead body and you want it, thank your Caddy. These risk takers are putting their life on the line so you can win the battle. Make sure you keep them safe so they can continue to help you out when the going gets tough.

Caddies of the battlefield, I Salute You!

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  • You crack me up. πŸ™‚

    • Brian Heitzenrater (FrehleyzComet)

      Thanks! I enjoy putting a smile on your pretty face. πŸ™‚