Microsoft Discontinues Selling XBLA Games Through

In a surprise move from Microsoft, all purchases of Xbox Live Arcade titles have been discontinued from There has been no official word why this has stopped but myself and I’m sure many others will be disappointed in this move on their part. Buying games from Amazon was a great way to see what games were hot, read peer reviews on the titles, and a great way to save money on some titles as Amazon would put games for sale on occasions. With this gone now we have also lost the ability to buy codes that Platform Nation has used for giveaways in many times during the past. Platform Nation has contacted Microsoft about this trying to get more information as of why this stopped and once we hear back from them we will update this post to fill you guys into the reasoning behind this move.

Platform Nation is curious what do you readers thing about this and if you have you bought any XBLA games Amazon in the past, go ahead and leave any of your thoughts in the comment section below. Special thanks goes to for pointing this out to us.

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