Bat Week 2010, Character Of The Week – Bat Mite

Our featured Character Of The Week…

Comes to us riding on the cape of the star of Bat Week, none other then Batman. We must comb back through the pages of Detective Comics#267 (May 1959) to first find this pint sized villian/nuisance. They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery our character is living proof of that very sentence. Our character loves Batman so much that many times he sets up instances to catch a glimpse of the hero but winds up becoming an annoyance. Never really hurting anything more then maybe getting his nose stuck somewhere it doesn’t belong.

Say hello to Bat-Mite

Bat Mite is an imp appearing as a small childlike man idolizes Batman trying his hardest to gain the caped crusaders attention. Bat-Mite has a storied career when it comes to Batman comic books. Bat-Mite regularly appeared in BatmanDetective Comics, and World’s Finest Comics for five years starting in 1959. Later he would team up four times with Mr. Mxyzptlk the imp who follows around Superman. In 1964, however, when the Batman titles were revamped under new editor Julius Schwartz, Bat-Mite vanished. He would show up again in World’s Finest Comics #152 (August 1965) and #169 (September 1967). Bat-Mite’s New York Adventure” from Detective Comics #482 (February–March 1979) would see Bat Mite trying to become a feature in the DC world trying to get his own feature in the Batman Comic books.

Bat Mite soon would be hard pressed to find the pages of another comic book. In 1985 the limited series Crisis on Infinite Earths was released Bat Mite was finally put to rest in the Batman comic book world. In 2000 he would be brought back to fight Mr. Mxyzptlk the end result is the death of many heroes and the destruction of many worlds that become battlegrounds. The book pokes fun at many comic book conventions and DC heroes from the golden through to modern ages. Bat Mite would again show up in Batman #672 released in 2007 after Batman is shot in the chest and suffers a heart attack. Might as he is now called returns in Batman #678 appearing on the last page commenting Uh-Oh on Batman’s fall into a delusional state. Batman #680 reveals that Might is indeed a product of Batman’s imagination. Bat Mite seems to be done with Batman for now though he is sure to one day return to annoy our caped crusader.

So will this be the final goodbye to the character known as Bat Mite or will their be a public out cry for his return. Only time can tell whether Bat Mite is to become an annoyance for Batman again or if he will be forever just an illusion in the mind of Batman.

What do you think of Bat Mite?

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  • Brian Heitzenrater (FrehleyzComet)

    Coolness. Never heard of this little dude before. I guess I’ve learned something already during Batweek! 🙂