No Post-Ending Exploration in Fallout: New Vegas

Some people believe that the apocalypse means the end of all things. Those people are wrong. The end actually comes after another 40 or so hours. But then, hoo-boy, there is most definitely an end. At least that’s what Obsidian Entertainment is saying about the upcoming Fallout: New Vegas.

You may remember a little game called Fallout 3 and, if you do, you may also remember that the main story, once it was completed…game over. But it’s ok, Bethesda quickly learned the error of their ways and allowed players to continue their adventures via the plethora of Fallout 3 DLC.

Apparently Obsidian is determined to walk the same path, although they’re hoping for better results. New Vegas project director, Josh Sawyer, explains:

We talked about trying to support post-game play, but because the changes that can happen at the end of the game are pretty major, this is what it basically came down to: either have the changes feel really major in the end slides and then have them not be very major after the end of the game, or make them really minor and not that impactful.

Jason Bergman, senior producer, added that the New Vegas UI would warn players of the impending “point of no return”.

Still, I’d be will to bet dollars to donuts that, once again, DLC will open the world up for more exploration, à la Fallout 3.

Information comes via 1UP

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  • They better have some DLC. I don’t care about points of no return or any of that yang yang. More Fallout please.

  • This sucks, I hope I don’t have to use a save game 2 hours before the game ending so that I can continue to prance around the wasteland picking all the charcoaled flowers.

    Oh, and seriously, if this game has bobbleheads, they better make it so all bobbleheads are obtainable at any point. The one bobblehead I never got was in Black Rock, yno the place that caved in at the end of the mission and you could NEVER go back….

    Ah well, this game looks awesome. Who’s excited? This guy.

  • I’m disappointed in this decision. I thought they realized that gamers wanted this in the last one hence why they added it later in the form of DLC.

  • DylanC

    History WILL repeat itself! Trust me, I’m a doctor!

  • Nathan Hardisty (Bananahs)

    So they can sell it in the DLC…

  • Zach

    This is BS. They learned from a mistake once, and then repeat it hoping to have a better outcome. Don’t think so! I just recently continued and found out i could not explore more, pissed me off. Then if they ever want to at least make some people happy they might release DLC but charge you for it. Way to go bethesda, you sure know how to screw up.