Saints Row Tag-Teams In A Bundle

Do you like Grand Theft Auto, but think it needed a little more bling? Or, do you just want a sandbox action game from people not employed at Rockstar? Saints Row and Saints Row 2 were a pair of titles for the Xbox 360 (with the second released on PS3 as well) that never reached the critical and commercial success of the Liberty City adventures, but were decently fun games. If you missed out on them somehow (I always see special editions of SR2 clogging up shelves at Best Buy), it looks like THQ has something just for you.

Game Blend has discovered a two-pack of the titles for the Xbox 360, listed on Amazon. The bundle appears to pair both titles with a combination of the Platinum Hits packaging and the new Xbox 360 designs (is it the first set of Platinum Hits since the redesign?), but doesn’t make any mention of bundling any of the DLC. We’ve got two years until Saints Row 3, though, so this looks to be a good and cheap lead-in… that you can hopefully beat in two years.

Given my stack of unopened games, it might actually be a challenge for me to beat it by then.

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  • UltimateSin

    SR2 was fantastic with a partner.