Bat Week: Weekly Trivia – Round #16

Welcome back to Platform Nation’s weekly trivia. Today’s trivia questions will all be Batman based.  I’ll start off with an easy couple of questions and move on to harder ones.  I hope you enjoy these questions.

You know the drill by now. See if you can master the trivia questions, impress your friends, defeat your enemies, and save the princess.

  1. Who is the Batman?
  2. Who is Batman’s archenemy?
  3. What is the name of Batman’s crime fighting partner?
  4. What is the real name of Harley Quinn?
  5. Which Star Wars actor voiced the character of The Joker in many of the animated television shows and movies?
  6. What event happened in the graphic novel, The Killing Joke, that lead to the creation of the Oracle?
  7. What tragic event happened within the pages of the graphic novel, A Death in the Family?
  8. What are the names of Bruce Wayne’s parents?
  9. In Gotham City, how many and what were their names of the people that had at one time taken up the identity of Batman?
  10. Who was the founder of Arkham Asylum?

    Answers will be posted Monday August 30 by noon EDT. Thanks again for playing and I hope that you’ll join me next week for the next installment.

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    • 1) Is that a trick question?
      2) The Joker
      (Don’t laugh at me if I get this sh*t wrong… :-p)
      3) Robin…?
      4) Dunno
      5) Ummm… Dunno LoL Hey, at least I’m not cheating!
      Okay there is no way I can get the rest without cheating. 🙂