Preview: A What-Gasm?!

cargasm_2010_08-09-10_01A game that has gasm in it? A “Cargasm?

From the moment I saw the name of this upcoming title announced earlier this month by Candella Software (Juiced, The Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift), I knew this was not going to be your ordinary racing game. I knew it had some “special” components in it. You know, probably hot women. I mean isn’t that what racing is all about? Having the fastest, hottest-looking car accompanied by supermodel women oogling over it?? Candella Software, what do you have up your sleeve?

Cargasm, as the name implies, will have women. Specifically, the announcement says that there will be a Cargasm Harem, who will cheer on racers as they compete. As you win races and acquire a faster car, you can also collect the girls for your Harem.

After reading on about this game, it seems to catch me eye in ways other than for the women — specifically the tracks. Using satellite imagery and uploading it into the actual game, racers will be driving through the real thing — the tracks will be “accurate to within inches” of real cities and locations, and “every window, doorway, balcony, and lamppost is exactly as it is in the real city.”

Details have been heavily boasted, especially in three locations featured in this game: San Francisco, London, and Egypt. There will also tracks in Yosemite National Park, the Swiss Alps, and Mount Kilimanjaro for the exotic road drivers as well. Nice!

The cars, as seen from current screenshots, use photorealistic images planted on the chassis to help make them look as real as the surrounding buildings and streets. I have grave concerns about this. I would not use this technique on cars anymore, as it seems to be outdated for games today. Take, for example, the photorealistic textures use is in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Painters who redesigned aircraft into the colors of their favorite airline or livery used photorealistic overlays at first until more advanced artists came along who could design aircraft liveries that looked better than those textures and produced greater frame rates. The self-designed liveries looked way better than the photorealistic ones, and I wonder if Cargasm might have the same problem.

My point is that, with photorealistic texturing, there’s a whole host of games that have opted not to do so, such as Forza 3, Dirt 2, and soon to be released Gran Turismo 5. Why did the makers of Cargasm decide to do so? Screenshots only convey so much, though, so maybe they can pull off some amazing-looking cars. We’ll see.

For me, racing games are up there with the FPSs and RPGs. I have high expectations for any racer — arcade or simulation. I have also become accustomed to developers designing the interior of their cars as well, so I hope Cargasm does the same for their interiors as their exteriors. Although I am a bit unsure of the “winnings” from each race (according to the announcement, you can get new cars, trophies, achievements, and “Ecstasy Points,” which weren’t exactly explained), I think this game deserves a chance for the style of racing and the realism it will bring to your living room as you zoom through the tracks. There is also a mention of a multiplayer, with a 16-player LAN and internet for the PC, buddy lists, and lobby, but not much information about console multiplayer. Rankings will reportedly be uploadable to social-networking sites like Facebook, as well as video will be directly uploadable to YouTube.

I am one eccentric waiting for this experience to come.

Candella Software
Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii, PC, PSP, and iPhone
Release date: Unknown

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