TD Freek Controller Enhancer Released

With both Madden 11 and NCAA Football 11 out, you’ve probably been playing some football.

OK, you’ve probably been playing a LOT of football.

Give your thumbs a break with KontrolFreek’s new TD Freek, which extends the joystick and provides more accuracy and control over the action.  Makers of FPSFreek and SpeedFreek, KontrolFreek has experience in making quality controller enhancements, so if you feel like you need a little edge in your pigskin play, check out what the little footballs can do for your game.

You can check them out by following this link.

Some more info from KontrolFreek on how it helps you game:

Offense: Avoid being tackled, get the yards and make the play with a higher degree of control. From the moment the ball is snapped, the player will feel the difference in their gaming performance using the TD Freek. Rushing, receiving, and scrambling in the pocket all become easier and more fluid.

Defense: Stop the offense in its tracks with more precise control and tackling. Football is a game of inches, and the better leverage afforded by the TD Freek will help the player push the offense back one yard at a time by tracking down ball carriers quickly and making better tackles.

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