Trying To Support The Locals

Earlier this week I found something amazing. It could possibly be life altering for every gamer in the world. An entire brick and mortar store available on eBay for $30,000 out of Colorado, Grand Junction to be exact. A whole inventory of classic and recent games the NES to the 360, and all between. This is a whole store, amazing as it is, and as exciting as the though of a close out and jumping on some sweet sales of some kind actually is, I feel bad for the store, I get an odd shuddering feeling in my stomach at the fact that an independent video game store with all these various game offerings is shutting down.

Why is a independent video game store closing, when classic games need to be discovered by newer generations of gamers. Why is it, that when so many gamers seem to constantly gripe and moan about Gamestop’s trade-in/buy service, that why there are hardly any well known independent game stores that would probably offer a better alternative.

Now I will admit that I’ve told myself that I would no longer shop at Gamestop, whether it be buying or trading in. Yet I still find myself heading to my local mall, and returning games and picking up new ones that will be traded in within a few months. But I could be going to a independent game shop and find better savings, maybe meet some new people, or make a connection with the associate better than the guys or girl at Gamestop. It’s sad to see local businesses have to close up shop, especially to the point that they would try to sell off their store on the Internet. But what other way would they go when no one is walking in to pick up and put games on the shelf?

It’s understandable to go out and get the newest games at the retail chain stores, indie shops obviously wouldn’t get them, but as far as getting older games on the cheap, why not support your locals? Find a little discount shop and pick up a few games there that you’ll probably spend less cash on than you would at a Gamestop. Edge card [probably] included.

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  • carolina

    try to find a couple in lex and we’ll go on Saturdays