Character Vs. Character: Batman Vs. Jigsaw – Part 2

Hello fellow Bat-friends and welcome back to Platform Nation’s Character Vs. Character: Batman Vs. Jigsaw. Today, we bring you Part 2 of the Batman versus Jigsaw saga. When we last left Batman, he was stuck between a rock and a hard place. He had a monumental choice to make with very little time to do decide his fate. Will he save the life of a stranger who steals money from his company and cheats on his wife, or will Batman choose to protect his secret identity? Let’s read on and find out together what Batman decides.

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With the reflexes of a puma, Batman pounces into action. He runs to the identity exposing door while breaking out the explosive gel from his utility belt. Batman begins to slap the gel in precise locations around the door for maximum effect. THWAPP goes one piece. SPLATT goes another. Batman finishes up and turns around to head to the door hiding the older gentlemen behind it. He notices two things as he does this. One, the timer is down to 48 seconds. Two, the door to the older gentlemen is closing.

Batman bursts into a sprint and dives through the door before it can close. He sails through just before the door closes with a big THUNK! Landing into a roll, Batman springs up and turns around to face the window.

-45 seconds- He reaches for his gel detonator but only grabs air. He runs to the window and sees the detonator lying on the floor.

-41 seconds- he dashes to the door and tries to open it but it won’t budge. The door is locked tight and not letting anyone through.

Ok, time for plan B. I need to make sure this man is safe first. Then I will worry about my identity.

-36 seconds- Batman whips out his Batknife and gets to work on the restraining straps holding the man down. By this time, the older gentleman has passed out and is lying lifeless on the table. Batman makes quick work of the straps and pulls the man off the table. He grabs his Batcomm and calls up Alfred.

“Alfred, I have a man in need of medical attention. Get some help over here now. Thanks.”

“No problem sir, are you alright?”

“I don’t have time to talk.” and signs off.

-22 seconds- While he was talking with Alfred, Batman was assessing the situation and came up with a plan. He took out his Bat-blowtorch and started to burn some holes through the 3 inch thick safety-glass window.

-10 seconds- Once he was finished, he took a step back and gave the window a kick right in the center of the group of holes. CRASH! His boot shatters right through the window and makes a big enough hole for Batman to get through.

-7 seconds- Batman backs up again and does a running jump through the hole in the window and once again lands in a roll and springs up.

-5 seconds- He turns around and dives for the detonator.

-3 seconds- In one graceful motion, Batman picks up the detonator and hunches down, wrapping his cape around himself to shield from the blast.

-1 second- KAPOW!!!! BAM!!!! the large metal door makes a guttural groan and then falls over with a BANG!!

Batman stands up and dusts off the debris from the blast as the other two doors unlock with a click. He turns back to the trap room and goes inside. He drags the old man out to the first room and then to the doorway to the exit. As he rests the man back down on the floor he checks the man’s pulse and finds that he is still alive.

Good, now to find Jigsaw.

He notices that behind the blasted down door is another hallway. Batman walks down the hallway and comes to another marked door. He opens it and enters into the room. This time there is a light shining down onto another tv monitor but the rest of the room is dark. Batman walks up to the monitor and just like last time, it hisses on with a static buzz.

“Well done Batman. I was hoping you would find a way to save the man and your identity. Unfortunately, your test is not over. People claim you are a hero and now is your time to prove it. If you look in front of you,..” the lights to the rest of the room snap on “ will notice a mother and her very young daughter are in need of a hero.”

There is a young woman hanging from the side of a large structure. She is tied to the underside of a large metal plate. On the opposite side of the large structure is a small child who is also tied to the underside of a metal plate. 20 feet below both the mother and daughter are two pits filled with metal spikes pointing to the heavens. The chains that are suspending the mother and daughter in the air are attached to two handles that are resting on top of the structure.

“In order to save these two, you will need to hold onto the chains and prevent them from falling to their deaths. Of course, you could always let them die. The choice is yours, but you will suffer greatly to save their lives, Batman. Either way, their will be blood…”

What will Batman choose? Will he suffer to save the life of the mother and daughter or will he save himself the agony? Tune in on Saturday to find out the thrilling conclusion to Batman Versus Jigsaw!

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