New Megaman Universe Trailer Is Crisis-Filled

In DC Comics, the word “Crisis” has a very special meaning. Usually, it indicates when worlds collide, and nothing will ever be the same. Capcom’s no stranger to adapting this concept, what with Marvel VS. Capcom 3: Fate Of Two Worlds coming out next year. Still, their headliner franchise has rarely gotten into it, keeping it’s separate stories neatly organized… until now.

Pmang has just released the teaser trailer for Rockman Online, which IS different than Megaman Universe.

The video features (who we know as) Megaman, Bass, and Proto Man, alongside the original game Robot Masters… and the supporting cast of Megaman X. Annoyingly, this game is still exclusive to South Korea, but we will be getting Megaman Universe, a similar-in-concept title that combines Megaman gameplay with other Capcom worlds.

Hey, anything that could potentially bridge the gap between the Megaman and Megaman X eras is good stuff.

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  • Looks good more like a movie than a MMo but whats Signas,Alia and Iris doing there if X and Zero aren’t there?

  • platomaker

    I love megaman games but this one looks like a miss. I’m disappointed.

    I’ll pass.