Xbox 360 To Receive Communications Upgrade This Fall

Trash-talking will be SO much clearer now...

For all of you trash-talkers people who like to communicate with friends and teammates over Xbox Live, Microsoft is planning to upgrade Xbox Live’s voice communication feature this fall, to coincide with the launch of their new motion-controller Kinect device, later in the Fall.

Speaking at the Edinburgh Interactive Festival earlier today, Xbox Live Studios’ general manager, Jerry Johnson said:

“The codec we used when we first launched was a low bit rate codec and we stuck with that…

“We launched and we said we required broadband. We required a 64k connection, which not many people think of as broadband any longer. But that was the minimum requirement to run the service at the time.

“It’s time for us to move on. Especially if we want to think about broadening – a crackly headset on the top of your head – not what people think of when they talk about popular entertainment.”

Personally, I’ve never had any big problems with the voice quality regarding communications over Xbox Live, but, any improvements are surely welcome. Chat is, arguably, Xbox Live’s biggest selling point when it comes to it’s competitors, so, it’s nice to see that it’ll be getting improvements.

Now, if only they’d enhance the “get-the-mic-away-from-the-10-year-old-playing-Modern-Warfare-2” feature, we’d be in big business.


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  • it’s about time! I’ve always hated the crappy audio of Xbox Live. This must have been one of the improvements of shutting down the original service.

  • It’s about time we are seeing some of the improvements from shutting down the original xbox live

  • Daniel Manning (ClownX1511)

    I think the “10-year-old-less” feature should be standard across all games; Duke Nukem Forever really outdid itself.