Capcom Raises The Stakes On Dead Rising 2

Oh, Dead Rising 2. There are many ways to buy you. You can pick it up at any store and get some sort of exclusive outfit and skill set. You can preorder the Zombrex edition, filled with zombie-fighting syringes and such. You can just buy the regular version, if you don’t want anything special. Now, though, you can try your luck with Capcom Unity, going for the High Stakes edition.

The special edition includes a high end Fortune City poker set, the unique ‘Psycho’ skills pack DLC, an awesome Fortune City Visitor Map that unfolds to a larger size like a real tourist map, and a chance to win a giant six feet tall zombie replica!!!

For either console, the bundle runs $89.99. For me, I’m sticking with GameStop’s Ninja DLC, although I really want to jump to the Zombrex edition. I latched on to Dead Rising 2 with a 25% off coupon, though, so I don’t want to lose that deal. Plus, I would be surprised if the store-exclusive DLCs didn’t become regularly for sale online at some point, anyway.

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  • i am so tempted to jump into this and simply press buy but even if i did win, what on earth would I do with a 6ft Zombie?