The Bat-Family Dossier

With Bruce Wayne missing in the world of New Earth, Gotham City needs it’s protectors. Presumed dead, the world moved on. Time Masters Rip Hunter, Booster Gold, Superman, and Green Lantern are tracking Bruce down in his trip through time, but others have to defend the modern world.

Ever since he was boy wonder, Dick Grayson has fought the criminals of the seedy underworld. He was the first Robin, ally to Bruce Wayne in his fight against evil. Founding member of the Teen Titans, Dick was the iconic sidekick. When he grew up, a schism with Batman led to him taking the fight to Bludhaven, and adopting the name of Nightwing, a hero from Superman’s tales. From there, he fought alongside the grown-up Titans, and led the Justice League when a replacement team had to be formed. Nearly killed in a recent Crisis, Batman nearly took a life in revenge. With Bruce having, apparently, been killed in the eye of Gotham City public in a helicopter crash in a battle with Dr. Hurt, Nightwing managed to fight off the villains looking to sully the name of Batman, taking the mantle for his own. Dick Grayson, now a full member of the Justice League, having had the heroic Titans fallen apart, needs a new Robin to join him in the Bat Bunker…

Ra’s al Ghul, the Demon’s Head, is easily one of the greatest threats to the caped crusaders. Renewed with his Lazarus pits, he’s been a long-standing challenge to Bruce Wayne. Still, his daughter Talia has always been alluring to Batman, and nearly a decade ago, a night of passion in the sands, initially forgotten by many, would have ramifications in the modern day. Raised by his mother and the League of Assassins, Damian was thrust into Gotham City to throw off the plans of Batman and Robin. Instead, he’s become a begrudging ally to his father until his death. Demanding to be the new Robin, he’s slowly accepting that Dick is the current Batman… only until he’s gained enough experience to take up the mantle himself. The previous Robin, though, has his own issues…

Red Robin
Tim Drake, intellectual youth, deduced that Bruce Wayne was Batman. Asserting himself into the life of Dark Knight, he was made the third Robin. For the longest, he hid his secret identity from his father, but soon gave up the life of heroics to form a stronger bond, with another temporarily taking up the mantle and turning the Boy Wonder into the Girl Wonder, his former girlfriend. When Drake’s father was killed by Captain Boomerang, Bruce Wayne soon adopted him, making him Tim Wayne in the public’s eye, Tim Drake when he looks himself in the mirror. A member of the modern Teen Titans, the temporary death of his friend Superboy led to him adopting a black and red outfit, alongside starting an impromptu relationship with Wonder Girl. With Bruce Wayne dead to the world, he decided that he must venture the world, looking for proof that he’s still alive. Knowing he’d have to do unsavory things to accomplish his goals, he took up the costume and name of a fallen hero, Red Robin. The man who ruined that identity was…

Red Hood
Jason Todd was, by all accounts, a fairly decent Robin. The second to take the mantle, he became Batman’s apprentice when trying to steal the tires off of the Batmobile. His career was cut short, though, by a crowbar and bomb from The Joker. Due to the involvement of a Crisis, Todd was brought back to life… in his grave. A Lazarus pit’s revival of the child hero, he trained to get revenge on the man who failed to do so in his name. He adopted the name of the Red Hood, allied himself with a villain named Hush, tried to sully the name of Nightwing, took an inter-dimensional trip as a challenger from beyond in an attempt to save the multiverse, soon adopting the name of Red Robin from a Batman that made a perfect world… by killing every supervillain. Returned home, he eventually snapped, becoming the Red Hood once again, in a demented quest to save Gotham City better than Batman ever could. He’s not the only Robin to have messed up, but another did so with the best intentions…

Stephanie Brown’s father was a criminal known as the Cluemaster. Not agreeing with his line of work, she took up the identity of Spoiler, ruining his plots. Soon finding herself on the side of good, even when her father wasn’t involved, she began a tenuous relationship with the third Robin, Tim Drake. Pregnant with an ex-boyfriend’s child, she had to put the hood away for a few months, eventually putting the child up for adoption. With her return to the Spoiler identity, she fought with her allies at arms reach, until the day Tim Drake hung up the Robin costume. Forcing herself into Bruce Wayne’s life, she ran around as the fourth Robin until a War Games scenario ended with her apparent death. Having escaped out of the country, she returned some time later as Spoiler. With Batman missing, the previous Batgirl felt that this fight was not hers. Therefore, Stephanie started two new lives: one as college student at Gotham University, and one as Batgirl, under tutelage from another to hold that title…

Oracle and the Birds Of Prey
Barbara Gordon was always smart, but she started off as a field agent in the war against crime as the first Batgirl. Romantically linked to Dick Grayson and daughter to Commissioner Gordon, her life was well-set in the heroics department, until a bullet from The Joker went through her spine, crippling her. Not wanting a wheelchair to stop her fight, she put her mind to the test and became Oracle, information broker to the superhero community. Her team of heroes, the Birds Of Prey, recently reformed, featuring Hawk, Dove, The Huntress, Black Canary, and Lady Blackhawk form one half of her superhero world. The other is training Stephanie Brown as Batgirl from the abandoned Batcave, alongside a new ally, Proxy, prodigal daughter of The Calculator, former sidekick to the Teen Titans, and known as Wendy in her daily life, a truly super friend.

The Outsiders
Batman’s team of operatives that had to work outside the limits and borders of normal superheroes, Bruce Wayne reformed this team after Dick Grayson abandoned it, only to shortly loose it. Tasking Alfred Pennyworth to lead the team, Owlman, Halo, Katana, The Creeper, Metamorpho, Black Lightning, and field leader Geo-Force fought on an international scale. Together, they effectively formed their own Batman, at a team level, but soon came under criticism when Geo-Force’s home country of Markovia declared a non-aggression pact with New Krypton, represented by The Eradicator. While this team operates on a global scale, they’ve not managed to run into the lost members of the Bat-family…

Batwoman, despite having recently fought in Gotham City, has been quiet in recent weeks. Cassandra Cain has disappeared. A new Azrael came, but isn’t active. Bruce Wayne?

He’s returning.

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