Unsung Heroes – Batweek Edition

Hello P*N readers and welcome the special Batweek edition of Unsung Heroes. In this series we give credit to the unknown people, places, and things that help make our gaming experiences pleasurable. So, let’s get on with the show. This week’s Batweek Unsung Hero is none other than Batman’s utility belt and the Bat-toys that are housed inside.

Utility Belt: Although seemingly unremarkable in appearance, the utility belt remains as one of Batman’s most important tools in fighting crime. He has redesigned it over the years to evolve with his suit, but it’s primary function has always remained the same. It is an easily accessible storage for all of his gadgets. Without his utility belt, Batman would be an unorganized mess, plus his tights would fall down. You just can’t go around chasing bad guys with your pants around your ankles.

Batarang: This little baby is one of Batman’s most widely recognized crime fighting tools. The batarang is an amalgamation of a bat and a boomerang and has many functions and forms. The primary use of the batarang is attacking. It is used as a non-lethal alternative to firearms (this all goes back to his parents being shot in front of him – a very tragic and messy ordeal). In the past, Batman attached a rope to the batarang and used it as a grappling hook. He has used explosive batarangs and electrified batarangs as well. Two other versions that have come into play recently are a remote controlled batarang and a sonic batarang. These last two helped Batman escape from Arkham Asylum. You name it, Batman has more than likely used his batarang for it.

Batman has a plethora of other gadgets and tools that he uses in his fight against crime. There’s the handy grappling gun that has replaced the batarang on a rope. Some other items that he has used in the past are: explosive gel, laser torches, c.s.i. kits, smoke pellets, smoke bombs, restraints (handcuffs), gas pellets, blowgun, Bat-radio, Bat-transmitter, Shark Repellent Bat-spray, Anti-Penguin gas pills, Batknife, Batclaws, and the list goes on and on.

So next time you are running around Gotham City or Arkham Asylum, don’t ignore the awesomeness of Batman’s utility belt and Bat-tools. Crime fighting just wouldn’t be the same without these fun toys.

Batman’s utility belt and Bat-tools, I Salute You! KAPOW! BIF! BAP!

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