Fallout: New Vegas – The Obvious Suspects

In my wait for October 19th and the release of Fallout: New Vegas, I have become more and more interested in what may be in store for me in this new western wasteland.  With just a little background information, a map, elements from Fallout 3 and the information already released about New Vegas, I have constructed the following educated guesses as what awaits us.  Keep in mind this is pure speculation and I have no inside track or crystal ball.  This is only what I have derived from the information available.

Hoover Dam


We know that Vegas is spared from a direct nuclear hit and that there is a war between two factions over the Hoover Dam, the source of the areas electricity.  We also know from a recent announcement that the game will have a definitive ending beyond which there is no more game-play due to the scale of the events in the ending.  It would make sense that something must happen to Hoover Dam, releasing the lake behind it, flooding the area and destroying the source of power for the city.  This would be an event large enough that it would affect nearly all storylines to the point that it would make many of them unable to be completed.

Art Bell - Previous Host of Coast to Coast AM


In the nearby town of Pahrump, Art Bell hosted the late night radio show, Coast to Coast AM.  This show was broadcast via relay but Art’s studio was in his home in Pahrump.  The talk radio show explored conspiracy topics ranging from UFOs and Bigfoot to Time Travel and the coming apocalypse.  Even if it’s just an Easter egg reference of some sort,  I believe there will either be a similar radio broadcast from here or at least a reference to the popular overnight talk show.

Death Valley


The nearby Death Valley has appeared in numerous movies and TV shows because of the magnificent rock formations and sparse vegetation making it a very good stand-in for alien planets.  Also being one of the hottest spots in the western hemisphere, surviving a traversal of this area seems a fitting journey for the game.

The Grand Canyon


While not close enough to Vegas to be on the main game map, I look for this to be part of a DLC – somewhat like The Pitt where a type of transportation is used to travel between the two areas.  This would likely involve a settlement or military camp at the base of the canyon which can only be reached by traveling the hazardous trails once used to haul tourists and site seers on mule-back.


Our alien friends are sure to return in this game; most likely in a DLC.  With the close proximity to Area 51, it is a no brainer to include it in the adventure somewhere.  This “secret” military base is surrounded by miles of defenses to keep curious civilians and UFO hunters away.  This sounds like a perfect setting for a secondary story line big enough for a DLC.


There’s not long to wait to see if I’m on target or completely out in left field.  Either way – New Vegas is coming – soon.

The Collectors Edition

Fallout: New Vegas from Bethesda Softworks – Available for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on October 19th, 2010.  Special Collectors Editions and Official Strategy Guide also available on the same date.

Do you have your own ideas of what lies in wait in New Vegas?  If so, share them with us below.

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