Gaming Confessions: Batman Forever


As Batweek draws to a close for another year, I thought I would share a Batman related confession (it’s almost like some advanced planning went into this)

 With that in mind, this week’s confession is that I actually liked Batman Forever. Not the awful film even though Tommy Lee Jones can make any rubbish watchable; I’m talking about the Sega Mega Drive (or Genesis) game.

 While the game is often mentioned as one of the worst Batman games around, and a certain Angry Video Game Nerd has highlighted its many many flaws. As a kid, I actually liked it. Before you flood the comments section with shock, and questions of sanity let me explain.

  1. Its friggn’ Batman. Need I say more? As a kid slap on a superhero and even the silliest and cheapest made product can become a must have
  2. It’s multiplayer. Although it did lead to those long arguments “I’m Batman” “no I’m Batman” and sadly as the younger of two children I was mostly stuck with Robin.
  3. It’s live action(sortof) In the 90’s having live actors in a game seemed like a good idea and was a great selling point, or at least I thought it was
  4. It has the same(or similar) controls as Mortal Kombat.

I’m sure no one would argue with first three points, but that last one may cause some debate. Whether or not it was deliberate or just plagiarism, (Wikipedia didn’t go into detail) having Batman perform Mortal Kombat Combos was strangely pleasing. I did lose count on the number of time that I lost a life because I tried back back punch or down forward punch out of sheer muscle memory only to find that it did nothing. I also kept looking for the fatality combination and the gameplay was incredibly frustrating, but then again so is MegaMan. Please note this is a simple comparison, I do not mean to imply that Batman Forever is as good as MegaMan. It’s better…Just kidding; you don’t need to send me hate mail.

 Maybe its nostalgia, maybe it was the innocence/naivety of youth but Batman Forever will always have a place in my gaming heart.

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