The Future Of The Batman

Bruce Wayne is returning soon. Right now he is on a crazy time jumping journey from the beginnings of human kind to the modern world. This October though, he will be back. Every Batbook in October will showcase Bruce’s return. I am very excited to see his home coming in Gotham and his reaction to his family. How will he react to Dick Grayson putting on the cowl? What will Bruce think of Damian Wayne becoming Robin? Will he be impressed with Tim Drake’s new path as Red Robin? Will he approve of Stephanie Brown having the Batgirl name? This October readers will be able to find all of that out.

Bruce’s coming home won’t just return the Batman to it’s status quo. This November Grant Morrison, the current mastermind behind many Bat books, will be releasing a new series titled Batman Inc. That’s right, Batman will mean more than just Bruce Wayne pretty soon.

There isn’t a whole lot of information about the book just yet. Grant Morrison has said that it is going to be almost a team book. It will be interesting to see who Bruce Wayne trusts enough to let wear the Bat symbol. There are obvious choices like Dick Grayson and Tim Drake, but it sounds as if his new mission and this new book are going to be larger in scope than that. The cover of Batman Inc #1 (above) even shows that Bruce’s scope is broadening beyond Gotham city. To get more information about Batman Inc. check out (an amazing site for all the comic book news you could want and where I got all of the great pictures for this article) and this great interview the Los Angeles Times did with Grant Morrison (really check this out for cool information on Batman Inc.)

P.S. There have been some other strange hints to Batman’s future lately. I will let you try to figure out the teaser picture below.

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