Character Vs. Character: Batman Vs. Jigsaw – Part 3

OK all you Bat-Fans, this is the thrilling conclusion to the Batman versus Jigsaw battle. When last we left Batman, he was left with the lives of a mother and daughter hanging in the balance of his hands. Will Batman be able to save them from a perilous death or will he fail and allow Jigsaw to defeat him? Let’s read on and find out!

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Batman uses his highly efficient crime solving mind to evaluate the situation. He can’t save one without saving the other, and there’s no time to get them both off the devious trap safely. There just isn’t enough time. The only thing Batman can do is follow along with Jigsaw’s game and hope for opportunity to present itself. So with that, he jumps up the structure to the top and takes hold of the handles just in time. With a loud SNAP, the trap takes to life and Batman is left with the weight of the heavy metal plates and the mother and daughter in his hands.

Batman knows he is in for one hell of a ride and braces himself in for the journey. He can already feel the strain on his upper body, the ache in his lower back, and the pulling on his shoulders. He can’t let go though or the 2 girls will fall to their deaths.

Batman hears a voice coming from a loudspeaker. It says, “I see you are playing the hero Batman, but can you withstand the torture?”

“I won’t let these innocent people die, Jigsaw.”

“We shall see Batman. We shall see. Get ready because here comes the fun.”


An electric current rips through the handles into Batman and makes him cringe in pain, but he doesn’t let go.



Again and again, the electric shock tears through Batman, but his resolve is rock steady and he hangs on.

“My, my. Aren’t we a tough little bat. I am impressed Batman. But the fun has only begun. I hope you didn’t think it was over yet?”


Batman looks down and sees a couple of large drill bits coming out of the waist high walls on either side of him. They are working their way toward his thighs. He tries to get out of the way the best he can but there’s only so much room for him to move. Batman remains calm and prepares for the inevitable. The drill bits tear through his suit and gouge into his thighs. Batman lets out a agonizing howl but still manages to hold on.

“I see you are human after all Batman. You bleed just like the rest of us. The stories I have heard had me wondering what you were.”

The blood runs down his legs and they start to weaken. The drills reverse their spinning and start to retract. This doesn’t feel any better and Batman clenches his teeth together and digs down deep to hang on with everything he has. As soon as they exit his thighs, he feels more pressure coming from the handles and hears a CLICK, CLICK, CLICK! He looks to his side and notices that while he was distracted with the drills, a gear system has risen up to grab hold of the the chains and is slowly pulling the handles apart. This in return, is pulling Batman apart.

Click, Click, Click, Click..



Batman’s left shoulder joint pops out of place and it does not feel good. He needs to find a way out fast or this will be the end of him, but he won’t let Jigsaw win. He won’t let these people die. Batman takes a deep breath despite the grimace of pain across his face and knows what he must do.

With the speed of a cheetah, Batman lets go of the handles, reaches for his Line Launcher and fires it off with great precision. It grabs hold of both handles before they fall through the pulleys sending the two girls to meet their maker. With the women safe, Batman drops to his knees and grabs hold of his left shoulder. He bites down and with a sudden jerk and pops it back into place. He pushes himself back up and steadies himself on his damaged legs.

With great effort, Batman manages to release the mother and daughter from the trap and get them both to safety. They are both glad to be alive and thank Batman. The mother picks her daughter up and they embrace each other crying with tears of fear and joy.

Jigsaw’s voice can be heard again over the loudspeaker, “You have passed my test Batman. You have proven your worth to me. You have shown me that there are still people in this world who will do whatever it takes to protect their fellow man. With this, I will leave you and your city alone forever. Thank You Batman.”

After escorting the mother and daughter back out of the factory, he gets into the Batmobile as he hears the sirens of the ambulance and the police nearing. He drives away before they get there. On the drive back to the Batcave Batman says to himself, “This isn’t over Jigsaw.”

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