Dead Rising: Case Zero Gets Last-Minute Delay

So, what, I'm supposed to play Lara Croft while I wait for THIS? Yeah, ok.

In a last minute scramble, Capcom is delaying Dead Rising: Case Zero‘s release until late September.

The download-only prologue to the upcoming kill-every-zombie-ever-in-the-world-with-a-roulette-table sequel, Dead Rising 2, was set for release tomorrow, August 31st, exclusively on the Xbox 360. Unfortunately, Capcom has noticed something in the free demo version that would also be available, and has decided to delay the game until these problems are rectified. Details are sketchy on what exactly is wrong with the demo version, or, if this is just an issue with the Japanese version of the game. Westerners will find out tomorrow, unless Capcom decides to fill us in earlier.

Case Zero is a prologue that takes place somewhere between the final events of Dead Rising and the beginning of Dead Rising 2. The prologue will introduce the retail sequel’s new main protagonist, Chuck Greene, will cost 400 Microsoft points, and will involve lots of zombie-killing. Dead Rising 2, the much-anticipated full retail sequel, is still set for release on both Xbox 360 and PS3 on September 28th.


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