Eclipse Touchmouse Review

Review: Eclipse touchmouse
Manufacturer: Mad Catz
MSRP: $59.99

The first thing you are going to notice about the Eclipse touchmouse is how different it looks. It’s aluminum finish, smooth design, and minimalist features all make the touchmouse a beautiful little device. Even the eclipse logo looks good (although they need to fix their keyboard’s shift key to get some capital letters in there). It’s sleek, futuristic design definitely makes it stand out from the competition. Mad Catz has hit it out of the park on a purely aesthetic level, but do the mouse’s other features live up to its look?

The touchmouse works very well for what it is designed for. While it probably isn’t up to snuff for hardcore PC gamers that need to get that zerg rush set up ASAP, it isn’t claiming that it is. It is designed for office or school work and browsing the web. For those things the mouse is responsive and crisp.

The biggest feature Mad Catz is pushing with this mouse is the touch scroll pad. In place of a more traditional scroll wheel, the touchmouse sports a smooth pad. Simply slide your finger over the pad to scroll up, down, left or right. Using it to browse the web, the scroll pad is very fast and responsive. It worked just as well as any wheel I have used on other mice. The left and right scrolling is a fun feature but it isn’t as nice as the up and down. There isn’t a lot of real estate on the scroll pad for left and right so it isn’t as useful.

The other unique feature of the touchmouse is the quicktouch (am I saying touch too much?) controls. Pressing down and holding the touch scroll pad and moving the mouse up, down, left or right will give different commands to your computer. Up will open the browser, down is refresh the page, right is forward page and left is back page. These commands are a nice touch and make browsing the web smoother. It will take a little getting used to but I was quickly able to use the commands effectively. It is nice being able to quickly go back a page without even having to click.

Before you buy the touchmouse you have to do some homework. The mouse connects using bluetooth. That is good if your computer has bluetooth because the mouse wont take up a USB. But if your computer doesn’t have bluetooth you will need an adapter in order to connect it. If you have a newer computer this might not be a problem but most don’t have bluetooth built in. If anything can kill the impulse to buy a gadget it is finding out you have to make another purchase just to make it work.

Another drawback is that the mouse takes AA batteries. It’s a small gripe but the design made me expect a rechargeable battery. Mad Catz makes sure that the battery will last a long time. You can turn the mouse off when you aren’t using it. Still, for a mouse being advertised for people on the go, rechargeable batteries would have been a nice feature.

Bobby’s Take: The touchmouse is an excellent mouse. It is responsive, fast, and great for web browsing and office work. The design is great. It is hard to be a sexy looking mouse, but the touchmouse definitely is. The price might make or break the touchmouse in people’s minds (I personally wouldn’t spend $60 dollars on a mouse). If you don’t blink at the price tag then this mouse brings a lot of great features to the table to put it a step above the competition.

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  • Mr Dray Dis

    I love this mouse.. perhaps one of the sleekest looking ever. Mad Catz has relly hit it out of the park again.