FPS Freek Legendary Just In Time For Halo Reach

Just in time for Halo Reach, KontrolFreek is releasing FPS Freek Legendary.  As you can see by the picture above these are a must have for any Halo fan out there.  Now these are available in limited quantities and they will begin shipping September 14th so if you want to get your hands on a set be sure to checkout their website and place your order.  Just a quick note, not only do these fit on a 360 controller these will also slip on your PS3 controller as well.

Featuring a laser-etched grip surface on a new convex-shaped, platinum color thumb pad, this latest FPS Freek model also incorporates an improved three-clip attachment – giving players a boost to both style and functionality.  The FPS Freek Legendary is what snipers, laser-lovers, and players who enjoy sticking n00bs with plasma grenades need. Players that prefer to engage from a distance, and especially those that are salivating for the new DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) will find the perfect companion in the FPS Freek Legendary. The FPS Freek has proven time and time again to help gamers at all skill levels improve their shooter play.  By lengthening the controller analog sticks, the attachment allows for approximately 40% greater leverage and unmatched aiming precision in all FPS environments.

I might have to order a pair of these as I need any advantage I can get when playing a FPS.  Now for some more pictures of these beauties.

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