Tron Collector’s Edition Packs In Light Cycle

Back in 2008, Bungie broke new ground by releasing a “Legendary Edition” of Halo 3 for $130.  The move seemed nuts at the time, but die-hard Halo fanboys (myself included) picked up the things in droves.  What made this version so pricey?  A shiny, plastic cat helmet.

Since that fateful September day, countless other games have followed suit with super-expensive bundles.  There was a $90 edition of NBA 2K10 that included a locker, an $80 version of Assassins Creed II with a 8.5 inch figurine, and a $130 bundle of Modern Warefare 2 with night-vision goggles.

Now Disney Interactive has decided to get in on the deal.  According to Kotaku, December’s release of Tron Evolution will include a scale model of the iconic Tron light cycle, along with a display case so that you can show off your cool new swag.

Now, typically I would scoff at something like this… but the light cycle in question is produced by none other than Sideshow Collectibles, a company best known for super-detailed, super-pricey replicas of anything everything even remotely related to nerdom.

Granted, the $130 price tag is certainly high, but at least the thing glows. That’s one badass nightlight.

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  • Tye

    No question. Im purchasing Day 1

  • Same here, I think this is going to be a must! got to have that bike.