Xbox Live Price Increase Coming Soon

Major Nelson has dropped the bomb on the Xbox Live community by announcing a price increase for the Xbox Live service. Starting November 1st, the price of Live will go up for residents of Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom and the United States.

According to

US Current
1M Gold: $7.99
3M Gold: $19.99
12M Gold: $49.99
Starting Nov 1, 2010
1M Gold: $9.99
3M Gold: $24.99
12M Gold: $59.99
UK Current
1M Gold: 4.99 GBP
Starting Nov 1, 2010
1M Gold: 5.99 GBP
Canada Current
1M Gold: $8.99 CAD
Starting Nov 1, 2010
1M Gold: $9.99 CAD
Mexico Current
12M Gold: 499 Pesos
Starting Nov 1, 2010
12M Gold: 599 Pesos

One year of Xbox Live will now cost $10 more. Microsoft is letting you buy a year of Xbox Live at a discounted rate before the increase starts. And there will still be deals on sites like Amazon. Even with these things, the increase prices will be felt by people who are already seeing their shoestring gaming budget stretched to its limit by the weekly glut of new games hitting store shelves. Add to that the price of services like Netflix and Hulu and gaming becomes a very expensive hobby rather quickly.

Giving Microsoft some credit, the price of Xbox Live has not increased since it was launched. Now, with PSN Plus putting pressure on them, is now the right time to increase the price? In addition, Sony gives away free games to PSN Plus subscribers that are playable as long as you keep the service. Xbox Live does not offer any thing other than discounts and demo access to Gold members.

In addition to that, publishers like EA and Activision are starting to push initiatives that will force you to pay an extra $10 to play their games online if you did not buy new. That means if you’re a Gamestop or Gamefly customer, you’ll have to pay even more if you want the full experience.

What do you think? Is the Live price increase going to make you go Silver? Are you happy with what you get for your dollar? Let us know.

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  • chuck

    I’ve been a live subscriber for almost 9 years now and I don’t mind the price increase because I definitely get my moneys worth. However, you better bet your ass that I’m gonna buy the cheaper year subscription and then maybe another $50 one year card so the increase won’t affect me.

  • I love my 360, and will continue to purchase Xbox Live even if the price goes up. However, just to vent a little, newer services, such as Netflix, twitter, facebook,, and, are being touted as great reasons to join Xbox Live; but users can get that content for free elsewhere (PC/Blu-ray player/Wii/PS3). If I’m going to pay even more, give me features that will enhance my gaming time (this is a video game console after all). I’d like to see a larger friends list, with the ability to categorize friends ala most modern web services. I’d like to see more games being played off of servers instead of having an individual Xbox hosting the match. I’m fine with a price increase, but justify it to me!

  • Tom

    Please stop cluttering up XBox Live with non-game related apps. I use my XBox for games, I have cable for TV and a computer for social networking, Hulu, Netflix, etc.
    With that said, I have no problem with the price increase. It’s been a long time since the price has gone up but at least tell me it’s to make my online gaming better.

  • I want to see some type of ala carte pricing structure for Xbox Live. Something where you can pick only the services you want and only pay for them. Out of all the “new” features, Netflix, Twitter, Facebook,, and, I plan on, and right now, only using Netflix. Now why should I have to pay and support the others in this?

    Give me online play, my friends list, Netflix and only charge me for that, because that is all I use. This whole all or nothing pricing structure is just plain stupid and out of touch with consumers, we want choices and options, give them to us and let us decide how we want to spend our hard earned dollars.

  • Gronar

    What Steve says above. Twitter, Facebook, and Last.FM are so gimped on Xbox Live I used them once when they came out, and have never tried them again.

    And for $10 more what are we going to get? An ad free dashboard? I highly doubt it. MS has just proven they’re way out of touch with their customer base. Sony execs must be laughing their ass’s off in Tokyo right now.

  • R

    This is the final straw for me. I already feel Live is over priced and can get the same services for free on PS3.

  • @Steve The problem with the a la carte pricing structure argument is we were already paying 50 dollars a year before they added the new features. If you really wanted that structure then Microsoft should have already been charging you more for using Netflix.

    I obviously don’t want to pay more for Live, but 10 more dollars a year wont break me. I love Netflix and am really excited for ESPN so I think it is worth it.

    • it’s not the amount of the increase, $10 isn’t much. It’s the principle of the whole thing. I want to pay for what I’m going to use, I don’t want to pay more for features that I have no desire to use, my $$’s are supporting these features that I don’t want to see and that I don’t care about.

      Give me online gaming, a friends list and voice chat, that’s all I want and that is all I want to pay for. If you really want to make me happy, how about they take all the money they make from showing me these ads and make that part free and charge for extra’s (Netflix, ESPN, Facebook Twitter, even things like Party Chat).

      But to add insult to injury (and this isn’t MS’s doing) but add the $10 now for every game you might buy used for the ability to play online AFTER you already paid $60 now for a Xbox Live Gold Membership. It is really getting to expensive when you combine everything together and if the industry collapses, it will be because they priced themselves out of the mainstream, the industry can not expect us to continue to pay more and more when the economy is as bad as it is. Almost every family I know is having to make cutbacks, these same families have been the people supporting the industry for years now.

      • The price of just online gaming, voice chat, and a friends list was 50 dollars when Live was first introduced. I understand the 10 extra dollars is hard to accept when you aren’t taking advantage of the new features they are releasing (which you are with Netflix) but those new features cost money to develop and a lot of people do use them. We also don’t know if these extra 10 dollars are because of the extra features. The number of Xbox live subscribers has been growing every year and this might be because of that.

        Your argument about the ten extra dollars for used games causing the industry to collapse doesn’t hold any water. Buying a used game gives zero dollars to the industry, especially if you buy from a company like Gamestop. If someone decides they aren’t going to buy a used game because of the 10 extra dollars it doesn’t affect the industry at all because that money wasn’t going to it anyway. In fact, those 10 extra dollars would be the only money that would go to supporting the industry since it would go to the publisher or developer. If instead of buying 10 used games someone has to save to buy 2 new ones it would be better for the industry.

        The hardcore gamers will buy discounted Xbox Live memberships that will last at least a year, maybe more if you stock up. The majority people picking up a xbox this late into the life cycle probably wont even know there was a price increase at all. Most of the hardcore will lose the rage they have after a year or two has passed and will resubscribe without a second thought.

        I’m not telling people what they should do with their money. You can vote with your dollars if you don’t like the new price.

        • I used gamestop as an example, I don’t shop there, I hate that place. But the whole thing with that was that the industry is pricing themselves out. If we can’t afford to buy games then they are not getting our money. (I do craigslist and ebay games though, there is more money to be made that way)

          And I don’t have an issue with the $10 the developers charge if you get your game in any other way then new, actually I take that back slightly. In what other industry could they crippler their products to anyone that repurchases anything? The auto industry couldn’t say that if you bought your car used it couldn’t go over 35mph unless you paid them a go fast fee, the movie industry couldn’t put a 30 min trail on their movies if you bought a movie used. Why should the gaming industry get away with this? If they want to make money, make their games affordable to all and then continue to support it with DLC. (sorry, I was side tracked a little there)

          Every industry, time and time again, has come to the point where if they don’t evolve they go away, they sink themselves, I think the gaming industry is getting to this point and this idea of charging more in an all or nothing platform (Xbox Live) is done for. I will not be renewing my membership, you just unsold me on it Bobby. I can not continue to support any business model that whole strategy is to throw more and more crap in a package so they can charge more.

          • Yea, Gamestop sucks to sell used games to. They give you so little it is insulting and then they sell it for so much more. I did it once and will never do it again.

            I actually don’t really like the whole 10 dollars for online thing. I understand why they do it but I much prefer what was done in Gears of War 2, Mass effect 2, and Dragon age. Adding extra content for buying new instead of taking away content for used leaves a better taste in my mouth.

            I am glad I unsold you Steve (except when we can’t play together on PN game nights). It is important for consumers to use their dollars to show companies what they will and wont accept. Unfortunately for you, I think that enough people think the new features are worth the money to make up for the people that don’t resubscribe and Microsoft will make money off of this. Hopefully some of that new money will go into making xbox live better and adding features more gamers will use.

            If they raise the price more in a short period of time I might join you on that side of the fence!

  • Let’s do the math – I have 4 gamers in the house – all have their own gold memberships. So now I’m looking at $240 per year? I’m hoping that the family features will help relieve this when they come to fruition this fall.
    I can’t help but think back to E3 and Microsoft talking about all the additional features coming to Xbox Live this fall (ESPN, Etc.) “at no additional cost”.

  • DemonSesshy