Ask Warren Spector

askwarrenYou know Warren Spector, don’t you?

One of the godfathers of gaming? Wrote Deus Ex?

Yeah, that guy.

GameHounds will be meeting with Warren Spector about his latest project, Epic Mickey, and have face-to-face access to the big guy at this year’s PAX prime.

Yeah, we’re pretty excited, too.

So, it occurs to us, we wouldn’t be a community gaming site if we didn’t get the community in on this.

Thus we are throwing this open to you. If you were in front of the venerable Mr. Spector, what question would you ask him? What would you say to him and what topics would you love to get his insight?

Just email them or put them in the comments section of this post. We’ll pick a few good ones from your list of querries and hit Spector with them. Then we’ll get those answers back to you on the podcast and on the website.

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