Aussie Board Leaks Dragon Age Ultimate Edition

dragon-age-origins-chickyJoystiq is reporting that that the Australia’s official game-rating board, the Office of Film and Literature Classification, has rated Dragon Age: Orgins – Ultimate Edition — even though such a game has yet to be announced by Electronic Arts.

This isn’t the first we’ve heard of an ultimate edition of BioWare’s acclaimed fantasy epic. GameStop had a listing for it up a few weeks ago for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, with a release date of October 12 (via Joystiq), though the listings are all gone now.

While nearly all details are still unknown about this special edition, it seems likely that it will come with all the DLC packed in. Hopefully that includes Awakenings and the recently announced final piece of DLC, Witch Hunt. Witch Hunt will reportedly show what happened to Morrigan after the events of Origins.

Considering how much content BioWare has released for this game, if the ultimate edition comes with even half the DLC, you’re likely to still be playing Origins by the time Dragon Age 2 comes out.

I hope you like your fantasy with a healthy dose of blood.

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