Battlefield: Bad Company Ultimate Edition Trailer

Finally the speculation is no longer speculation as DICE have released a trailer thereby announcing the existence of the title and revealing details of what you get in the box. Check out the trailer below.

This being the ‘Ultimate Edition’ of the massively popular game Battlefield Bad Company 2, you can expect a whole host of goodies (extras) included such as:

The Ultimate Edition features the following:
– The best-selling Xbox Live/PlayStation Network game, Battlefield 1943
– This year’s break-out, best-in-class shooter, Battlefield: Bad Company 2
– Battlefield: Bad Company 2 “Onslaught” mode, an intense 4-player co-op experience
– Immediate access to four vehicle upgrades and two weapon unlocks from day 1, a bonus originally included in the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Limited Edition

By purchasing this edition of the game, not only are you getting a box-full of extra content, but you are actually saving quite a considerable amount of money at the same time. This edition would be perfect for those gamers who have not yet experienced Battlefield Bad Company 2 before. According to the trailer, the ulitmate edtion should be ‘available now’ and will probably cost £39.99 / $59.99 for both Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.


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