Batweek 2010 Summary

Holy articles aplenty Batman! We basically blew Batweek 2009 right out of the water, there have been more than double the amount of articles that were submitted last year to the event. Along with the slew of general gaming news, Batweek has held host to a variety of content ranging from hatin’ to lovin’ on the Dark Knight. We hope you certainly enjoyed your Bat-themed seven days with Platform Nation, and we look forward to bringing it to your next year!

Character versus Character

Batman versus Jigsaw Part One – Brian Heitzenrater

Batman versus Jigsaw Part TwoBrian Heitzenrater

Batman versus Jigsaw Part Three Brian Heitzenrater

Batman versus James BondRane Pollock

Gaming Confessions

Batman ForeverStewart Loosemore

Comic Books/ Main Mythology

The Future of BatmanBobby Gonzalez

Absence In The FamilyBobby Gonzalez

Absence In The Family: Red RobinBobby Gonzalez

Absence In The Family: BatgirlBobby Gonzalez

Absence In The Family: Damien Wayne Bobby Gonzalez

Loeb Sale Did It BestWilliam Johnson

Bat-family DossierChad Bonin

Superman (Batman) Speeding Bullets ReviewD Demitrius Smith

Batman: In Darkest Knight ReviewD Demitrius Smith

Games That Nobody Plays Anymore

Arkham Asylum Nathan Hardisty


Batweek: Ultimate BatmanStewart Loosemore

StirChris Forbis

I Don’t Like BatmanRane Pollock

What Comic Book Games Can Learn From Arkham AsylumSteven Buccini

The Villains and Why We Love ThemJeff Schenning

Unsung Heroes

Batweek EditionBrian Heitzenrater


ASQ Batweek EditionTym Kaywork

Weekly Trivia

Trivia Batweek EditionPaul Battani

Character of the Week

CotW Batweek EditionRoss Wigg

Film Reviews

Batman Mask of the PhantasmNathan Hardisty

Batman SubzeroNathan Hardisty

The Dark KnightBen Lehman

Batman The MovieRane Pollock

Batman Gaming News

Brave and the Bold GameplayGUI J

Zap! Pow! That was certainly a gigantic marathon of clicking, linking and sighing when WordPress suddenly realizes that it hates me more than any being in existence. We had a blast writing all of this great content for you to enjoy, and we hope you learned more than a thing or two! We’re proud guys and gals here at Platform Nation, proud of what we do and more importantly proud of each other. We want our readers to have high-quality content that deviates from the normal standard and what a better way to celebrate this than writing about the big Dark Knight himself?

See you in 2011!

Thanks to all the great writers who took part in the event, to all those who showed their support. Another special thanks to both Scott DiMonda and Steven Artlip for letting me ruin the site for a week, Sarah Brannan for acting as overlord to all the weekly features and most of all; you the reader. You’re the person in our minds when our fingers come to keyboard, we’re always aiming to please you and we hope Batman appeals to you. If not, you must have something wrong with you. Seriously.

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  • That was one hell of a Batweek! Great Job on everyone’s part that contributed I seen and learned a lot of new things.

    Kudos to all of you talented writers and as always keep up the excellent work!

  • I had fun contributing. Great job by all!

  • Brian Heitzenrater (FrehleyzComet)

    Very cool! Great idea and you couldn’t have picked a better super-hero to theme the week after. 🙂