Chinese Game Console Rumored


According to a report in the China Daily, Chinese PC manufacturing giant Lenovo has set its sights on developing a new gaming platform. The newspaper claims that a dedicated team of software engineers has been tasked with working on the “ebox”, which may turn out to be the first foray into the console wars by a Chinese company.

With China’s rapidly expanding economy already challenging the likes of Japan and the U.S. in many other areas of industry, such a move would not seem outside the realm of possibility. However, despite the massive potential market offered by China’s increasingly well-off population, targeting the region is still seen as a huge risk for a console manufacturer. Gaming hardware makers have traditionally relied on software sales in order to make their dough, and China’s software market is widely considered to be a veritable South Sea of profit-swallowing piracy.

If anybody can forge a successful new system in this daunting market, it may well be Lenovo. The company can already claim to be the fourth largest PC maker globally and has made no secret of its desire to branch out into new markets with a series of consumer-focused new products. Only time will tell whether or not the decision to plow resources into the “ebox” turns out to be more inspired than the project’s rather dreary working title.

Source: Reuters

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