Laser Shot’s Virtual Shoot House

Kotaku is running a special series this week called “Gun Week” in which they cover everything guns, including the first video game gun, a 103 second-long video on the history of getting shot, and finding out what game developers really know about firing guns. One article in particular caught my eye, and goodness gracious am I glad it did.

The lengthy article covers a company based out of Houston, TX named Laser Shot that provides a very special type of training to the U.S. military: virtual training. At Fort Bragg, they’ve constructed a house full of virtual bad guys that allows the military men to train in an environment as close to real with live ammunition without actually being in a real gun fight.

Pretty much what Laser Shot does is build houses covered from head to toe, err, ceiling to floor with bulletproof tile and a self-sealing screen that allows the projectors mounted from on high to project virtual enemies such as Al-Qaeda, gang members, or what have you. Through complex technical wizardy and, no doubt, some real magic, Laser Shot translates everything that happens for real with the trainees such as movement and shots fired into the virtual world.

This means that enemies react appropriately to a blown door, attempt to fire at the team, and die accordingly when shot in the head, i.e. blood splatters on the wall and they crumple to the floor. Kevin Bass, Laser Shot’s director of software development, says that once a round hits a wall, it becomes a virtual round and the software “takes the force, velocity, and trajectory of the bullet” to determine what happens. They even account for bullet drop and bullet spin. Mind blowing.

Anyways, read the entire thing over at Kotaku and be sure to watch the video to better understand just what the hell is going on. This is something you definitely have to see in motion to get just how awesome it is.

Source from Kotaku.

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