Microsoft Planning A Redesigned D-Pad

Rumor has it that Microsoft isn’t done “refreshing” its Xbox 360 hardware. Next on the docket is a redesign of the controller, specifically the d-pad.

halo reach controller

Silver Reach Controller

In the five years since the launch of the Xbox 360, the single complaint that’s been leveled against the controller is regarding the d-pad. If Joystiq’s source is to be believed, then the new d-pad will rotate 90 degrees into a more raised position. This should give fighting game fans better control, at least in theory.

Personally, the Xbox 360 controller is my all time favorite game controller. The Dreamcast’s controller is a close second. What’s yours?

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  • I love the feel of the 360 controller and I have to agree it is one of the best controller designs out as far as functionality and comfort goes, and I have to agree Rane the Dreamcast controller is pretty close. I guess we will have to wait and see if it gives us better control because lets face it if it gives me an advantage I’m in.

  • This is good news, as I’ve always hated the feel of those D-pads. As you said, it’s the one big complaint, especially where fighting games or, to a lesser extent, 2D platformers are concerned.

    I’m not sure about the proposed “rotating” design (isn’t the purpose of a D-pad precise 8-directional control? Fluid motions are what analog sticks are for), but hopefully it’ll be better than the old model.