Preview: The PAX Pilgrimage

paxpilgrimsIt’s nearing that time. The time for PAX in Seattle.

Raise your hands if you are going!

I see thousands of you! Well, Gamehounds community, Edie, Nick and I will be covering PAX just for you guys and gals who won’t be able to get there. We worked extra shifts, traded days with co-workers, and I am even using a sick day to cover this event.

It is Labor Day weekend. after all.

I have heard nothing but great things about whats to come: Who we’re going to meet, the games we’re going to see and play, and the memories to be made. Here we are going to give you a taste of whats to come in the upcoming week.

Photo journey: Here we will try to post as many pictures as possible throughout each day while we are at PAX. We will get the “classic” Master Chief and a Stormtrooper in one picture, so help me. I’ll dig around for this one the entire time I’m there with a camera. We will also take pictures of as many developers as we can, game booths, the convention center, and the area. Heck, we might even toss in what our hotels look like to bring you as close to the story writing as we can.

Video: Yes, I said it. I am bringing a Flip Video camera that records in HD along with a state-of-the-art iPad that isn’t mine but I’ll be fun to play with while I’m there. I will also be a camera man so I will be there to get all the insanity recorded into that little Flip device and post it when we get it onto a computer. Who knows what we will get on film?

Posts: Of course we are going to be writing posts every day. Each of us will recap what we did, saw and who we interviewed to give you the most information about the games you have been waiting for. We have lineups with Square Enix, Sega, Microsoft Surface, Southpeak, Twisted Pixel, and Harmonix just to name a few. We will be sure to absolutely cover games like Halo: Reach, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Fallout: New Vegas, Rock Band 3, Medal of Honor, and one of my personal favorites, Gran Turismo 5! (I feel  must disclose here and now that I do not own a PS3, but GT5 has now added it to my wishlist.)

Of course, there are many more games we will get to see demoed, play ourselves, and watch others interact with, and we will post about those as well. For those Kinect fanatics out there, I will be sure to post video of us using this so called “revolutionary” hardware while were there. I’m sure there will be some great videos made there.

As we come closer to going, we will have some more pre-PAX posts on what we are going to be bringing ourselves, expectations, dreams and desires, wish lists and the like. This is is the gamers dream; a place where everyone is a gamer and it’s non-stop gaming for a whole week with people who love to play.

Time to prep for my pilgrimage. T-minus 2 days!

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