Reimagining GoldenEye With Eurocom

For all the fanfare Eurocom is making about “reimagining” Goldeneye 007 and making it “contemporary” or something completely new to the world of shooters, much of it feels…dated—tired, if you will. In addition to the fact that it’s based on both a movie and a game well over a decade old, it also hypes a fair bit of what are now FPS clichés.

However, that does make me happy in that it somewhat modernizes the classic shooter. There appears to be a roadie run, first-person cutscenes, helicopters, and either a cover or obstacle-mantling mechanic. At least it gets to keep one tradition in its name: a bad guy with a Russian accent.

I’m still somewhat anxious over what the final product will actually be (especially since there’s no Pierce Brosnan), but given the fact that Eurocom also made the excellent Dead Space: Extraction and given the source material, it can’t be that bad, right? Oh wait…

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