Two Worlds II Screenshots

Two Worlds II posted some new screenshots on their Facebook page the other day. I thought I would share them with you and help generate some more buzz about this awesome upcoming rpg. The first screenshot is of some wooden docks with what looks like a lighthouse in the background. I know it’s nothing exciting, but it still showcases how nice looking the environments will be in this game.

The second picture is a couple of archers at the ready. The one in the foreground looks like he let his arrow fly already. Mayhap they are engaged in battle?

The third picture shows the hero opening up a can of whoop ass on some skeleton warriors. Notice the cool spark effects coming off of his sword.

The final picture is our hero again but he is taking a break from the battle and enjoying the flowers. He’s standing in front of an entrance way to a beautiful oriental inspired archway. This is the nicest of the pictures and really shows off how awesome the graphics have improved from the first Two Worlds game.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures. Stay tuned to Platform Nation to find out more about my most anticipated game of the year!

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