Halo Galaxy S Commercial

I was watching some Wipeout last night and couldn’t help but notice the new commercial for the Samsung Galaxy S smartphone. In the commercial, you see a armored soldier that looks remarkably like Master Chief running for his life.

Master Chief?

It is funny to me that we’ve been seeing the new Halo Reach television spot “Deliver Hope” all over, and now this commercial pops up. I honestly thought it was a new Reach commercial for the first couple seconds. I wonder if this was timed to capitalize on the Reach campaign?

What do you guys think? Does Microsoft have a lawsuit on their hands due to the similarities between the commercial character and a spartan?

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  • Pretty cool. Either that is a tease from Microsoft (highly doubt it) or ya, Microsoft is going to have to do something about it because it’s definitely a spartan.

  • dynamicgrimking

    all i have to say is someone’s gonna get sued

  • My kids and I seen the commercial and my youngest was wondering when a Halo Movie was announced and than we seen it was for Samsungs new phones commercial the beginning was Halo all the way.

  • Jeremiah K

    YEs, that was definately a Spartan, and thst other vehicle looked a lot like a pelican.

  • Samsung bought the rights to use the ‘likeness’ Halo’s spartans. It’s a perfectly timed advert — right when Reach is about to drop. Clever…

  • BOB

    ive seen xbox do alot of things with samsung. for example. all the TV’s in gamescom that was shown by xbox were samsung’s. And they showed the xbox live on phone thing on the samsung galaxy s

  • jimmy

    I will be disappointed if that was supposed to be for the movie. but it is probably gonna help with reach. the alien kinda looks like an elite with no armor.

  • Derek

    Just saw this commercial again today 2 times now, and it looks like the beginning with the spartan are no longer in it lol.

    • Dom

      yeah now its a spartan with no armor, like an odst, wtf?