PS3 Will Be 3D-Blu-Ray Ready In October

It only does about a month.

Today, at the IFA conference in Berlin, Sony CEO Howard Stringer announced that the PlayStation 3 will be receiving a firmware update that will finally make it fully ready to play 3D blu-ray movies. No specific date was mentioned, only that the update will be live by the end of October.

As has been evident over the last year or so, Sony has been making a major push for 3D technology to take over home entertainment, and they’re banking on this PS3 update being a major step in bringing 3D to homes across the world. Of course, you will still need a 3D-ready television of some brand, but, this update is just one more step you’ll need to take, if you own a PS3, and use it as your main source of home movie entertainment.

The home 3D market pickings are slim right now, but, expect to see a huge push in 3D blu-ray home entertainment once the Winter holidays start kicking into effect. So, look forward to re-living that Avatar theater experience in your living room this holiday season.

Now, whether or not this upcoming PS3 firmware update has anything to do with that little pesky PSJailbreak piracy problem they’re working on, well…no one said anything about that.


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