Wanna Make A Wager (Call Of Duty Black Ops)

Still not sure if you want to purchase Call Of Duty: Black Ops even after everything that has been introduced? Maybe a new trailer with a new game mode will excite you. Check it out let Platform Nation Know what you think!!

Call of Duty: Black Ops’ new Wager Matches are free-form game modes designed to be “adrenaline junkie fun,” Treyarch Design Director David Vonderhaar

Matches are separate from your standard ranked matches in your online competitive playing. In Wager Match you take the currency you’ve earned and you can gamble it against other players. You’re gambling that you are going to come in the top three on the final scoreboard, we’re told.

Here’s a run down of the four Wager Match modes:

One in the Chamber: In the match everyone spawns in with a pistol, one bullet and three lives. If you kill someone you get to take their bullet. If you fire and miss you’re left with melee.

Sticks and Stones: You spawn with a crossbow, ballistic knife and a tomahawk. If you hit a player with the tomahawk you instantly bankrupt that player.

Gun Game: You get a series of progressive weapons in this match. With every kill you get a better weapon. The first person to progress through all of the weapons wins. But if you get knifed you get sent back one tier.

Sharp Shooter: In this one all players start with the same randomly selected weapon. You get to use that gun for a fixed amount of time and then everyone gets switched out to the next weapon. With each kill you earn a perk and eventually a scoring multiplier.

Wanna Check out the video here ya go:

Looks like their will also be a chain gun type weapon

Will you be pre-ordering??

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  • Ok those game modes sound awesome! But the Gun Game sounds like it was taken from a counter-strike mod. Which isn’t a bad thing =)

    • Tomazon

      Was about to say the same thing. I loved “gun game servers” in counter strike source. Sounds really fun.

  • Yeah Gun Game servers were fun in Counter Strike and I am sure with a Call Of Duty twist it will be amazing

  • i want Black Ops!! im tryna play online already lol