A Nintendo Update : DKC Returns Boxart & Lovely Epic Yarn trailer

As pictured above, this is Donkey Kong Country Return’s gorgeous boxart, I would say it’s appealing, but I can’t see any bananas…. And if that joke had you in stitches, wait till you see the new Kirby’s Epic Yarn trailer!

Jeez, I’m on fire with the puns today (I bet you wish I was on fire), but anyway, I suppose this is usually the part where I speculate and give my two cents – So here goes, looking at the boxart first we see this your conventional Donkey Kong game featuring a lush jungle background and the usual cast of returning characters. While it all does look very nice, I can’t help but feel underwhelmed by Donkey Kong Country Returns. The original trilogy was so highly praised due to being technically astonishing for its time, whereas this new instalment looks like it could have been run on the Gamecube. Perhaps Retro Studios will clean up the graphics before release, it’s not like them to produce a game that’s below standards even for the Wii, and yes, I am just basing this on Metroid Prime, which actually does look better. Still, it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been judgemental, and the game hardly looks abysmal, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I wanted to play it.

As for Kirby’s Epic Yarn though, it’s almost like a dream, except it’s not dreamland, it’s something more original. The last Kirby game I played was Squeak Squad/Mouse Attack or whatever it’s bloody called, a game which ate so much from the franchise’s tree, it practically barfed it all up, luckily the sickness only lasted a few hours, talk about short. However, that’s my only scent of sceptical thoughts I have for Epic Yarn, everything else looks divine. The artsytle is absolutely marvellous and from what I can hear from the trailer; the soundtrack is as catchy as Velcro. From a gameplay perspective of things, it looks pretty unique too. Instead of digesting and swallowing foes’ abilities, Kirby appears to transform according to his environment. It’s not all-new stuff though, as we can see from the end of the trailer, the series’ main antagonist, King Dedede, jumps in to make a cameo at the end. Nice. Anyway, I’d love to know your thoughts on these two pieces of information and both games themselves; are you looking forward to Epic Yarn as much as I am? Or are you more of a DK man?

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  • I have to agree with you on DKC Returns. As much as I loved the SNES titles, the trailers for this one have me feeling pretty nonplussed. I hate to base it just on looks, but man, the art design for the original game was so rich and textured, and now it just looks generic. We’ll see, though.

    Kirby’s Epic Yarn, on the other hand: that looks like pure candy-coated fun.

  • Dave

    DKCR, in my humble opinion, was the best part of this year’s E3. It’s such a joy to see one of the finest game series of all times return, and under the care of such a high-quality developer. I’m almost pissed off whenever an article on gaming fails to mention it. Oh well. Haters gonna hate. I’m gonna love.

    Glad to see Rambi. Let us pray to the God of Video Games for Rattly.