Resist the Halo: Reach Leak!

halo-reach-trailerHalo is my game.

As in it’s the game that I became a true gamer with on the Xbox back in college. The origin. The shinning light. The endless mashing of button A or B and the right trigger until I broke my controller from the heavy usage and had to buy another…ah, good times.

Today I saw a interesting post while searching the net for something that I’d like to write about and behold! Halo Reach LEAKED! According to IGN’s post here, Microsoft is looking into the possible leak and how to prevent it from spreading like wildfire.

The leak news was spread by the actual perpetrators that somehow managed to get a download of the game from Microsoft by hacking into their systems. How tough could this be? Well personally I don’t know but I’m sure some of you have your own opinions.

So how do we all react to this news? Do we avoid all the gaming forums and websites, recluse into our rooms, never to see the light of day until the game releases on September 14?

Not that we don’t do this sometimes already, everybody has a cave.

I do think that it will be hard to avoid everything about the leak, and you know there’ll be pictures, YouTube videos, and premature explanations of what to do on what level and when from someone who doesn’t truly appreciate the Halo franchise.

If you are like me you will not search the news, play whatever is keeping you busy now and when it does come out on the 14th, be ready for a unspoiled, brand new game with a spectacular story and a multiplayer that will forever hook you into online multiplayer gaming!

Hackers out there, why do you try to ruin it for the rest of us? Do you feel needy or get a special rush for knowing you stole something like this — which, by the way, makes you just a common thief? I have read that these kinds of thefts happen because they are poor or “just want to try the game out first.” Lame excuse, man. If you are so poor how did you manage to get computer to hack with in the first place and then be able to buy all that software to hide your IP address and the like so you can’t get caught? Hmm?

Halo fans, don’t be alarmed, I think we will able to control ourselves and wait for this one to come out. Besides, the multiplayer is the other half of the game, and no matter how early you manage to steal this game, the real Spartans will show up and kick your ass online! Oh yeah, Game on. Remember Reach!

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