Yakuza 4 Officially Punching It’s Way To The West In Spring 2011

Sega has just released an announcement trailer for Yakuza 4‘s upcoming North American and European release. The Playstation 3-exclusive beat-em-up/RPG hybrid, which was released in Japan earlier this year, will see Western shores this upcoming Spring 2011.

Those familiar with the previous entries will be happy to know that, series protagonist, Kiryu Kazuma, is back! This time around though, we’ll also be playing as three other characters throughout the course of the game: Akiyama, a loan shark; Saejima, an escaped convict; and Tanimura a detective. As these characters, you’ll visit a “Sin-City District” of Tokyo, where you’ll find Hostess Clubs, more karaoke bars, and various other forms of entertainment and danger.

Gary Knight, Senior Vice President of Marketing at SEGA Europe Ltd. and SEGA of America, Inc. had this to say about the next venture in the Yakuza series:

“The Yakuza franchise provides an unparalleled experience of Japanese culture and Yakuza 4 brings a little known side of Tokyo to life in a truly authentic manner…

This time not only through the experiences of Kazuma, but three new gritty and unique individuals from his world.”

Judging from the new trailer, the game certainly looks like a bigger and more bad-ass version of the Yakuza games we’ve come to love. Frankly, Yakuza 3 was one of my favorite games I’ve played so far this year, and I was glad to see that it ended being a bigger success here than everyone thought it’d be. It took a lot of whining to get Sega to release it over here, and it’s great to see it paid off and has warranted a sequel.

Personally, I can’t wait to get back and start punching everyone on the streets of Tokyo with my flaming fists of crime-ridden fury.


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