Last Minute PAX Expectations

anticipationAs I sit in Seattle airport waiting for Edie to arrive, I finally have time to stop to think about what I’m expecting from my first PAX experience.

As a representative of GameHounds, I expect to get some hands-on time with a ton of games — some big-budget AAA holiday releases, and other smaller, lesser known games that could use the exposure. Everything from Portal 2 and Fallout: New Vegas, to nail’d and Lost in Shadows


As a gamer, I expect to be overwhelmed with things to do and see: Live shows of my favorite podcasts, massive gaming tournaments for nearly every system, panels, concerts, and random conversations with a bunch of very cool people.

I also expect I’ll embarrass myself with Dance Central my first time — and then want to play it again immediately.

I expect I’ll miss a panel I want to see, and see a panel I thought I’d miss.

I expect to go to sleep late and wake up early, fueled only by excitement and coffee.

I expect to forget that my body needs food to sustain itself until my stomach gets so empty it starts to eat itself, at which point I’ll just dive into the nearest fast-food joint, guzzle a cheap burger, and be on my way again, happy and full.

I expect to compete viciously with the other GameHounds writers for the top score on every game we play.

But more than anything else, I expect I’ll have fun. PAX is known for its friendly atmosphere, and even if the deluge of gaming events is exhausting, the exhaustion is just a sign of enjoyment.

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