Pax Prime 2010: Box Office Impressions

As my first stop at Pax Prime I had the pleasure of checking out a new multimedia player from a company called Patriot Memory. It’s called Box Office, and to quote a bystander; “its a pirater’s dream”.

I am going to have to almost completely agree with this appraisal of the product…

Box Office boasts an extremely simple UI, and it plays almost every format in existence including blu-ray and MKV formats. Full 1080p support, the ability to easily pop new films, photo’s, and music on to Box Office through a myriad of means. You can stream content, or even upgrade the hell out of your storage space with its expandable 2.5 SATA SSD/HDD.

Also with a price tag lower than a hundred bucks, it really might be worth it for the multimedia junkies out there who are tired of their PS3’s and 360’s not allowing things like .MKV files, and many other formats. Box Office has the right price, and the right set up for gamers looking to supplement their existing consoles or players with something that is a little more format friendly, something that can play just about any file format you throw at it.

Check it out over at or go to the source

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