PAX Prime 2010: Dead Rising 2 Preview

Chop em, flame em, shoot em, kill em and kill them some more. Capcom has brought Dead Rising 2 to PAX and has generously given Platform Nation a inside look at the world of Dead Rising 2. Fans familiar with the series may have had doubts when Capcom headed over seas to hand reins of the series next installment over to Canadian developers Blue Castle Games, but as I played through an almost final build I can say that Capcom has made a wise choice. The developers of Dead Rising 2 have stayed true to what made the original fun, while addressing some of the issues that gamers disliked in the first. Players will be able to have three save slots that gives players a little more freedom to explore the world of Dead Rising, a big problem for those that felt the pressure of the series strict real time mechanic. The aiming mechanic also seems to have been given slight overhaul feeling more precise than the floaty-ness found in the original Dead Rising. Showing of a little more about DR2’s new protagonist Chuck Greene, the team a Blue Castle wanted to let us know that their choice to create a new main character was to bring another established story in the Rising universe to flesh out the world that series creator Keiji Inafune has created, with an emphasis being on the stars of Dead Rising, the Zombies. With Frank West gone players will no longer be taking pictures, but instead be introduced to hero Chuck Greene’s ability to create massive weapons out of everyday and not so common items. During the playable demo two of the more memorable items shown were a gun turret that protected Chuck made out of an overstuffed Teddy Bear and a large Machine gun called “The Freedom Bear”, and a unnamed vacuum cleaner that has several saw blades attached to it.

Blue Castle described how they crated many weapons inspired by constant trips to the Home Depot, placing things together to create the plethora of weapons that Chuck can create. While no multi-player was shown Blue Castle informed us that the incentive to participate in Dead Rising 2’s multi-player was the ability to bring all of your earnings into single player as Chuck makes his way to a level cap of 50. While console gamers may be looking forward to Dead Rising 2 we were teated to a PC version running in stunning 3-D with an amazing depth of view that really made the blood pop of the screen. Sorry PS3 fans, as of this time there are no plans whatsoever of bringing a 3-D version or update to your consoles. With only a few short weeks away from final release it seems as if Dead Rising 2 has more than enough to satisfy fans of th e series and maybe even a little more to bring in new fans.

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