PAX Prime 2010: Scott’s Sony Preview

I was lucky enough to attend a Sony event with Steve today off-site from PAX Prime, even though we where off site from the event that did not make a difference as a lot was to be seen.  Some of the games we where not allow to play we where just able to watch all the goodness that will be heading our way.  First up is Heroes on the Move:

Heroes on the Move will bring us some of favorite characters from PlayStation games and make use of the Move.  From Ratchet and Clank to Jak and Daxter and let’s not forget Bentley and Sly Cooper.   The game resembles Ratchet and Clank and I am not saying this is a copy of that franchise but adds a lot of what we love from that franchise and the other franchise mentioned.  The story revolves around an evil force that has stolen huge chunks of land from the hero’s home worlds and enslaved an entire race of peaceful space creatures forcing the heroes to fight against this evil for their own survival.   Here is where the game comes together as the six of them fight together using the environment to their advantage and using their cunning skills to fight for justice for the hero’s home world.

This game is on my must buy list as I am a huge Ratchet and Clank fan and when you add the other characters to this title you will get pure enjoyment and don’t forget to tell a friend as it is set to have 2 player co-op mode. Look for this title in 2011

Next up I have Eat Them a game that not only seems to be inspired from Rampage, but it brings comics books into effect on this PSN title that was recently announced at Gamescon.  In this upcoming title you will control your monster as you destroy the environment around you.  You will be able to customize your monster from his armor to the weapons mounted on his head.  This PSN title will allow up to four players to unleash their beast and fight the authorities and watch the civilians come running to your aid, and did I mention those civilians that run to your aid you will allowed to eat them.  Eating aside the comic feel to this game is a pleasant feature to a comic fan like myself. As the story unfolds in comic screens and from there the action begins.  You will enter the game by creating or choosing a your monster and the customization possibilities are endless as you will be give a nice amount of equipment to choose from, but you will also be able to unlock more equipment to make your monster the all smashing machine he can be.

Be on the look out for this PSN title 2011.

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